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Stuttgart is nestled between vineyards and thick woodlands.There are over 400 flights of stairs around the city (20km worth) dating back to the time when vineyards covered the whole of the city.The featured a wide array of lush plants, dirt paths and dense humidity creating the illusion of a South American rain forest. The Aquarium is world famous and was opened in 1967.All of this was wrapped in a glass cocoon so the exhibit was drenched in natural lighting filtering through the trees. What was most surprising was how long it went on for, which was easy to underestimate from the exterior. The amazingly intricate arrangement and design of the garden was breathtaking.

For kids the Citytour came with a nifty little activity booklet and dedicated audio guide channel.

However the audio guide was in German, so our kids lucked out that time.

This is the only zoological botanical garden in Europe and combines over 70 acres of plants, animals and historic buildings.

It allows our children to sit down and relax, sleep if they are tired, but at the same time provides us with the ability to roam and hear the history behind a city.

The Stuttgart Citytour round trip was 100 minutes since we decided not to jump off anywhere.

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