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Here they remained until driven away by the French Revolution.

In answer to their desire to be bound by vows, authorization was finally granted to four of the sisters, and these on 25 March, 1642, took simple vows for one year.

Here for the first time the sisters appear on the field of battle.

This is a ministry often given by them since, and which has secured for then the title of "Angels of the Battlefield", some dying "sword in hand", as St. Their usefulness opened the eyes of many a dying soldier to the light of the Faith, and inspired the wish to die in the religion which produced such heroism.

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They are not infrequently called the sisters of St.

It was so successful that it spread form the rural districts to Paris, where noble ladies often found it hard to give personal care to the wants of the poor.

The majority sent their servants to minister to those in need, but often the work was slighted. Vincent remedied this by inducing young women from the country to go to Paris and devote themselves to the service of the poor under the direction of the Ladies of Charity.

A society was formed by some ladies of rank to better the condition of the sick poor in Hotel-Dieu at Paris.

A community of Augustinian nuns was in charge, but the miseries of the times had overcrowded the wards, and the revenue was inadequate.

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