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” Ah, the “demo reel.” That classic, rapid-fire, glitzy montage of your studio’s best work. Amazing how the demo reel (or “sizzle reel”) has remained the stalwart calling card for motion design studios and production companies for over two decades. I submit that if we creative studios took the traditional “demo reel” out back and shot it, our clients would cheer.

The first demo reels I ever saw came from legendary studios like Pittard Sullivan, GRFX Novocom and Telezign. Speed Dating Reality Check Here is a real-world example, which makes my point: Promax BDA Client/Agency Speed Dating.

For the second year in a row, a group of Duartians — along with about a million other tech, music, and film enthusiasts — will be descending on Austin, TX for SXSW, and we want to share it with you. And if you’re not there but wish you could be, we want you to live vicariously through us via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, interpretive dance, smoke signals, and, of course, a presentation. You follow our journey on Twitter at @duarte and @nancyduarte.

We’ll be using hashtags #whatsyourstory, #sxsw, and #Duarte SXSW.

Perhaps the […] It’s Valentine’s and you’re single. You mightn’t want a relationship, but neither do you want to be alone on the most romantic (supposedly) day of the year.

Just for February 14 you need to take a sabbatical from being solo.

In Ingenuity’s words, they ‘help brands find the best agency partners to tackle their business challenges’ and ‘help agencies of all shapes and sizes to find, meet and win new clients.’ Which is rather helpful of them.Connecting Element’s managing director, Karen, joined me at the event.We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves after the whirlwind of meeting so many clients and we left feeling exhilarated.Check out these channels for links to video and possibly other surprises, too (sorry, no interpretative dance … If you’re going to be SXSW from March 8-12, we’d love to meet you, hear the story behind your experience and share it with the world, and share intel on where the best food is. Of course, we’ll have some cool swag to hand out (well, as much of it as we can carry), but more than that we’d love to see your face.

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