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We cater for Halaal and Vegetarians upon prior arrangements.

Please consider the other guests when having your children in the communal lounge/breakfast area.9.

These characters are so hilariously goofy that we can't help but enjoy the chaos as they return to the island, which has been transformed into a Jurassic Park-style jungle overrun by food-pun creatures like shrimpanzees, tacodiles and watermelephants.

The animation is gorgeously detailed, with all kinds of visual gags to match the deranged verbal banter. The new characters fit in perfectly: Forte is hilariously slimy, while Schaal (as his talking baboon assistant Barb) steals the show as the only person on-screen who has a story arc.

So while we laugh at the constant barrage of jokes and the colourful visual mayhem, there's nothing to engage us on a more satisfying level.

It opens with a recap of the first film, then carries on immediately, as young inventor Flint (voiced by Hader) is thrilled that his idol Chester (Forte), head of super-cool mega-company Live Corp, is put in charge of cleaning up the food storm Flint started.

Idina Menzel received the honour of singing the American National Anthem during the opening ceremony, while Katy Perry received critical praise for her half-time show performance, featuring Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.Guests are requested to ensure that their rooms are locked at ALL times and that windows are closed when rooms are not in use.7.Loss and Liability: The Bed & Breakfast shall not be liable to a guest for any loss or damage to personal property or injury or death to persons where ever on the property or howsoever caused by misconduct or negligence of another guest, personnel or Act of God.Continue reading: Watch Chris Pratt Show Off His Essex Accent After Revealing Wife Anna Faris Is A 'TOWIE' Fan He’s arguably the most in-demand actor in the world right now, but Chris Pratt remembers a time when he wasn’t so recognisable and when other actors would flirt with his wife Anna Faris – right in front of him!35 year old Pratt, the forthcoming star of blockbuster , revealed in a new interview with GQ magazine that he would get annoyed when famous actors would disrespect him in this way.

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