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Uranus's influence in 2018 Uranus takes about 84 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 7 years in each zodiac sign.

Uranus has been in Aries, your Sun sign, since 2011-12 and will be moving into Taurus during 2018-19. The change Uranus brings is often unexpected, sudden even though the change may have been building up for some time.

Like Uranus, Pluto represents a background influence and will affect some more personally than others.

Those Aries born between 8-13 April will feel the influence of Pluto most strongly in 2018, those born later will meet Pluto in 2019 and beyond while those born before 8 April, should be incorporating the changes Pluto has brought into your life, remembering to look forward, to move forward and let go of the past.

Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn heralding a time important decisions for you regards your work, vocation and life path.

The presence of Jupiter in Scorpio should prove helpful for getting hold of what and who you want as long as you don’t ask for too much.

Neptune in Pisces represents a subtle influence but does indicate that you’d benefit from expressing your altruistic side and adopting a healthy life and lifestyle more than you may initially realise.

For some, this may represent a time to make up your mind, to choose which direction to go from here, knowing that as you narrow down your focus you will, by necessity, have to limit that focus.

On some level it may feel like it is time to choose a path which also means saying no or goodbye to other paths.

Except for those born at the end of the sign Aries, which corresponds with around 13 April and after, most of you have had experience of Uranus in some area of you life in recent years and the task now is to incorporate those changes into your life.

Those born at the end of Aries, from around 13 April, are still in a period of change and will feel Uranus most strongly in 2018-19.

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