Dating fender bassman silverface

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Now that is THE TONE that you delta blues players are looking for.We have found the sweet spot on these amps to lie around 7-8 on the volume pot, a beautiful clean and peaceful place to stay when fingerplucking an ES335 for some real vintage tone.If you hook up to a large 12″ or 15″ extension cabinet you’ll notice how deep the amp breaths.What really excites us with the Champ is that it, despite its size, delivers a pure Fender clean tone that is a little more mellow than the typical AB763 amps (Deluxe, Vibrolux, Pro, Super ).Summary You might wonder how a 10kg, 6 watt combo amp without reverb (!) and with a tiny 8 inch speaker can be of any value to a guitar player or musician.

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As you should know neither of them have vibrato, which is frequency shifting.

Unlike most other amp models Fender kept the circuit almost unchanged during the silverface era.

All resistor and capcitor values are the same between the two eras and the only practical difference is the regular blackface and silverface differences; cabinet baffle construction, chocolate drop caps, plastic insulated wires.

Since it consumes only 70-100 watts you can easily hook this amp up to your car’s battery for quite some time.

Speakers See page How to select speakers for general speaker recommendations.

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