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A common ingredient of these drinks is German-style carbonated lemonade.

Since a 1993 change in German tax law, In Berlin and eastern Germany, the Potsdamer, a 50%/50% mixture of light-coloured beer and flavoured soda, is a popular drink.

The name derives from the Fir Tree, a public house in Oxford where the drink is said to have originated. Polly, Wells refers to shandygaff as "two bottles of beer mixed with ginger beer in a round-bellied jug".

A variant is the fir tree top – predominantly lager but with a very small quantity of cola added. In the Netherlands, Sneeuwwitje (Snowwhite) is 7UP or Sprite with a bit of draught pilsner added to create some foam.

The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste, usually half-and-half.

The Whizz Peach, made by the private Wilhelm Rummel Brewery in Darmstadt, is made with 50% Kristallweizen (filtered wheat beer) and 50% peach-flavored lemonade.

A typical Panaché in the Alsace region contains less than 1% alcohol by volume.

In some parts of continental Europe, for example Belgium, Italy, Germany and Portugal, a Diesel is draft beer mixed with cola, while a Tango is made with gooseberry cordial, instead.

The Bananenweizen is made by topping up a wheat beer with banana juice.

In France, a demi-peche combines French beer and a shot of peach syrup.

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