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I'd love to know if there's a girl around that has already experienced an orgasm by tribbing or if this is just a porn fantasy.

I went to my dad's house and I was pacing back and forth. " It was just one of those father-type moments where he knew...moments later my mother called me, it was mother's intuition. All you saw was "black man, white girl" and you just assumed the worst. I'm like, "You've gotta be kidding me." She's like, "It's OK, whatever." I get out of the pool, I have my legs in the pool..is when she gets up out of the pool and puts her lady parts right on my face… She straddled me, like put her...right on my, literally smack dab right there. The cute girl that you liked before you even got there is interested in you... we're [all] like going shot for shot…and the girls were keeping up. We're like talking, I gave her a hug and then we all went up and got breakfast together. But I'm thinking, I came to Paradise to find love, meet new friends and make America smile again.[The producer] said production might be shut down... I get home on Thursday and it hits the press on Sunday night. She heard over a walkie talkie later on in the night when Corinne was drunk, that Corinne and De Mario hooked up. Corinne then releases a statement and says she is a victim. It's like a movie…by now I'm realizing I got played. They were slut-shaming her because of what she did last season with Nick. I don't know what's in her head I mean we spoke about things.

Telling them what happened from my side and what was being put out on the Internet... I was raised by a strong mother, I have sisters, I like a lot of dominant strong women, and to see Corinne get disrespected and her name dragged through the mud…it just sucked. People were saying bad things about her and me and before anything was out, we were already guilty. It was more like her being the aggressor, which was sexy. I'm like, "Oh, s--t."Did she pull down her bikini bottoms? We had been naked the second we got into the pool... Now that I look back on it, I'm like WTF, but at the moment, it's Paradise. We're all sitting around the table and we're all eating and discussing like the f--kery that was yesterday. At this point, she tells us one of her favorite things to do is baking pies. I offered her a shot but she said production had cut her off from drinking for the day. He didn't know how long the investigation was going to go on. I got a call from a producer that was just, "Hey, s--t's about to get real, real fast"... The producer who filed this claim happens to be Corinne's best friend. People were just angry, like it was like black people didn't like her and white people didn't like me, and people were mad because instead of waiting for the facts to come out... Even through all of my darkness, I'm like damn, there's children waking up without fathers, there's mothers waking up without husbands. I'm just not sure about the information that she was fed from this "third party person."Warner Bros. Her lawyer says they want the investigation to continue.

THIS is how porn should be, the fact that it's so sensual makes it such a f*cking turn on, not like that hardcore bullsh*t.The following abbreviations are used for parts of speech: adjective adj., adverb adv., auxiliary verb aux., conjunction conj., noun n., preposition prep., pronoun pron., verb v.For irregular verbs, the infinitive, past tense, and past participle are given in parentheses, e.g., (BREAK, BROKE, BROKEN)." I'm extremely thankful for family and friends, that's the number one thing that I can stress that's got me through the hardest 11 days of my entire life. That night was probably the wildest night of my entire life, we all went for it. It was like the wildest morning because everybody wakes up hungover, dying... The producer's like, "We can't have you on the show." I'm like, "This person, what did they see? It's raunchy as s--t, it's soft-core porn." He was so sincere... Then all of a sudden you find out she has a boyfriend and she promised her boyfriend that she wasn't going to cheat in Paradise. It's easy for the public to get angry with the big black man, you know? I have so much love in my body, even through all this experience. That didn't happen."One thing I've noticed is that she's saying she doesn't remember and she saying she doesn't blame me, she blames production. Nor does the tape show, contrary to many press reports, that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy."The studio continued, "Production on this season of will be resuming, and we plan to implement certain changes to the show's policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants." Corinne's attorney, Marty Singer, told E!How did you break the news to your family about the accusation? Chris comes and talks to us like an hour or so later and, no lie, between that hour, it was like go time…. I remember, first people I see was Corinne and I was like, "Oh, your knee," and she was like, "Oh my God, yeah, I fell"... "I put myself in a very vulnerable situation by coming onto national TV to find love [on ]. I'm then back on here to find love, and the first episode I come back I don't have the opportunity to do anything. I got tears in my eyes, he has tears in his eyes... "__________________So you are a sexual assaulter in the eyes of the public? 'Cause it goes back to the very beginning when she came up to me, hopped in my arms, led me to the pool. The minute you release this black man's face and this white girl's face, before either of us commented on it, I was already like a rapist and I was like, excuse my French, a n---er, a monkey, and she's a whore and a slut. If you could speak to her now, what would you say to her? But at the same time saying you don't remember is kind of like saying...it's a gray area…You sat with her the morning after, you said you reminisced with her and, and now she saying she doesn't remember... News last week, "It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros., as a result of its own internal investigation, would state that no wrongdoing had occurred.

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