Hermaphrodite sex ads

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In this condition both partners are expected to allocate as few resources as possible to the male function.All remaining resources are expected to be devolved to egg production.The hermaphrodites are basically females that can fertilize their own eggs.

The species has two sexes, males and hermaphrodites.To face ensuing sperm competition (Parker 1998), hermaphrodites are predicted to allocate proportionally more resources to the male function and fewer resources to the female function as mating group size increases.Charnov (1982) and Fischer (1984) derived these theoretical predictions from the Hamilton's (1967) theory of Local Mate Competition (LMC).For example, male worms are attracted to hermaphrodites and hermaphrodites avoid one another.Sexual Brains In the experiment Jorgensen and colleagues genetically manipulated a hermaphrodite worm's nervous system.

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