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However, Facebook users have to find photos and videos by themselves, without any suggestions.

However, some users broadcast indecent content, hoping to become more popular, which indicates the lack of supervision in the app.Continuous streaming of photos, videos and Live Video can let people dream of being a celebrity, which attracts more people to join and do sharing. It is hard to find one that is suitable for watching continuously.She pointed out that if obscene contents are found in the app, authorities would punish them and force them to improve the app based on the law.The Internet is full of indecent content which the app has been susceptible to hosting and subject to numerous complaints. However, the app definitely catches the characteristics of social media and the internet, is a world-class social app and supports should be given to it.He pointed out that one of the advantages of app 17 is that its interface is similar to Instagram so it is easy to use.

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