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Plus, an academic who tried to confirm gender norms got caught scamming. And an easy way to make someone's day this holiday with Operation Santa. And so much drama at the federal level: the Muslim ban is back, undocumented immigrants could soon lose Obama-era legal protections, and the tax bill is still a nightmare.Plus, a cakemaking bigot doesn't seem like a big deal, but minor acts of discrimination are part of a long game.Venture capitalist Ellen Pao sued her former employer, Kleiner Perkins, for discrimination and harassment.She didn't win the case, but it began the unmasking of Silicon Valley sexism and abuse. And a strategy for singing along to your favorite songs (omitting one particular word).Plus, "authenticity" in politics, the Good Wife, and Elena Ferrante.

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Plus, Houston relief efforts, the women who faked a male co-founder to pave the way for their startup, and when Prince Charles wanted to be a tampon(?!

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is *just fine* funding anti-choice candidates.

Fleeing from Central America after being accused, prosecuted and jailed for an illegal abortion, which was simply a miscarriage.

Featuring nurse Amy Roberts, certified nurse-midwife Laura Todaro (we're now obsessed with midwives!

), and physical therapist with special training in pelvic health, Dana Taussig.

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