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The longitudinal depiction of Kuklinski’s notorious history denies us a decent chance to understand what makes him tick.

An encounter with his convict brother sheds a faint light on their shared remorselessness – the quality that supposedly makes The Iceman an intriguing character.

Michael Shannon (Take Shelter, TV's Boardwalk Empire) stars in this crime thriller biopic of Richard Kuklinski, a devoted suburban family man and ruthless Mafia contract killer said to have claimed the lives of over 250 men between 19.Liotta, who I swear shows up in every other mob movie, knows his role as crime boss Demeo like he knows the back of his hand.Chris Evans, most commonly known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel films, plays another killer operating out of an old ice cream truck.For over two decades, Goodfellas has been casting its colossal shadow over lesser 20th Century-set mobster-on-the-rise films, making it easier to recognise the paler shades of the subgenre.Though well-acted and solidly told, The Iceman falls closer to the ‘merely good’ ranks of Kill the Irishman than the masterful status of Martin Scorsese’s classic....

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