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Anne Reid is a powerhouse of British acting, so we don’t mind admitting we’re a bit nervous before chatting to the Last Tango in Halifax star.

Garnier said he met Campbell at the Halifax Alehouse in the early hours of Sept. He said they danced and kissed before leaving the bar around a.m. There, Campbell asked Garnier if he was "into domination," he said.

And I’m doing my cabaret again in January at Brassiere Zedel. I often catnap; I think that’s how I keep my energy going.

I’m fortunate too, when you’ve something you really want to do, you find the energy for it, don’t you? Its disastrous to get fearful of trying anything – you’ve got to keep pushing the walls of your life out.” AR: “I wanted to work with Tom Harper, the wonderful young director of War & Peace.

Keep going is my motto” AR: “Somebody said to me years ago ‘if you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.’ I think its much better to do things and regret them rather than not do them and regret that. Also I love Timothy Spall, and I’ve never played a journalist before and I’ve always wanted to because my whole family were journalists.

So I looked at the script and thought, at last, I can tick that box!

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