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A member of the huge Irish family in Grand Theft Auto IV, Kate (1981 - 2008) despises the life of crime that her brothers have taken on.

As Niko Bellic, the main character, blends in with the Mc Rearys, Packie Mc Reary eventually calls him on his cellphone and asks him to 'hang out' with Kate.

She was also the flirtatious girl in his music video for the song “The Trouble With Girls”.

Mc Creery released a Christmas album, Christmas with Scotty Mc Creery, in October 2012 and it has been certified gold.It sold more than 22,000 paid downloads and earned the No.6 spot on the Billboard Country Digital Sales Chart.This success paved the way for Mc Creery’s next record deal, which would be with the newly formed label Triple Tigers (formerly Triple 8 Management/ Thirty Tigers).“I’m very excited to become part of the Triple Tigers/Sony Music Entertainment family,” said Scotty.

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