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During the first year of the conflict, Capricaerón and Cyroenia were attacked, while the United Lanat Empire managed to conquer three systems of the Acroa Sector, including Acrocanthaí itself, in the second.

Orbispira, heavily influenced by the legacy of Apollóe Cyran'nus, sought to establish a strong, centralised galactic Republic, while Arnoario aspired to create a union of free planets within which each individual sector could govern itself without interference from Orbispira.

Throughout these eras of peace, the Core would suffer attacks by continued wars with the Phaedric Empire, in addition to the engimatic Nagith and Bisistar.

During the dark age which preceded the formation of the Federation of United Worlds, the Core was a melting pot of many different civilisations, such as the Republic of Orbispira, which despite its small astrographical breath, remained the foremost player on the political landscape.

Over the subsequent millennia, these worlds would war amongst themselves, leading to the establishment of an alliance of worlds known as the Core Sovereignties, the capital of which was ironically contested between Orbispira and Arnoario.

With the Core the only region of the Cyrannus explored sufficiently to warrant colonisation, it became heavily populated and industrialised.

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