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There’ll be plenty to hold your interest in the interim.You may recall that the ’07 Tour de France kicked off in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.The UCI are fighting for their system but I stress that I’m against doping.”“I’ve never taken performance enhancing drugs of any sort and the same goes for a blood transfusion.I know that’s there’s suspicion around me but I think that’s stupid to dope or to micro-dose with EPO.

It’s likely that the case will stretch well into January of 2015 and should he be found guilty of a doping violation he could face anything between a two and four year ban.“I don’t think I can get a four year ban.

And riders go to altitude and if you organise that well you can see your levels rise up during a race. Look at some other rider profiles because they also went up, sometimes more.

So I don’t get why they’re okay to race and I’m not.

Now I know that in cycling that this is a phrase many people have used in the past but inside I’m relaxed with that term.

But this case, it’s not just about me now, it’s almost political because of the media stories and what it represents.

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