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) saying good night after what appeared to be a rather successful date.

On the Thursday, March 31, episode, many pairs of docs found themselves in uncomfortable romantic situations, and while some worked through the valleys to reach the peak on the other side, others packed up their gear and went home (proverbially speaking, that is).

Lindsay, consumed by her darker nature, continues on the hunt alone, leading to her arrest.

In the end, the girls reunite and recognize the strength of their friendship and that ultimately; their own feeling of self worth determines the nature of their relationships with men.

The following day, when Callie's daughter ended up in the hospital for a cut, Penny ended up treating her.

Though it wasn't a big deal, and Callie's daughter was fine, Callie was not happy that Penny waited to page her until she was finished — but it wasn't about that, obviously, and Penny figured that out pretty quickly. Callie made that part up — and Penny found out when she tried to apologize to Arizona for crossing the line and treating her daughter.

Though Amelia and Maggie offered her coffee and tried to get to the bottom of what happened, Meredith only had one thing on her mind: cleaning.

She immediately began a cleaning rampage that could not be stopped.

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Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) was there, too, as she'd been crashing on the couch (unbeknownst to Mer) since discovering Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd) beyond drunk in his trailer when she'd gone over to celebrate his birthday.Everything Implodes For her part, Maggie had started to realize that Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) had been brushing her off lately, and she raced to the hospital to confront him. The final blow of the episode came at the very end when, after Jackson thanked his mom for her help, she revealed her true motive. What she knew, when she knew it, who she spoke to and when," she said with a smile.Before Jackson could even ask her what she meant she added, "I needed to confirm that she withheld information from you when she was signing those divorce papers, that she legally committed fraud, and she did and now we can go after her." Dun dun dun! and perhaps no one knows this better than the MDs of Grey's Anatomy.Thorpe was grilling Mer about how many dates they'd been on at this point, prompting her to ask why he was counting.

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