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(APN) ATLANTA — As it is now nearly midway through 2017, Atlanta Progressive News is releasing an updated cumulative scorecard for the Atlanta City Council.The APN Atlanta City Council Scorecard is the most comprehensive, voting record-based scorecard available for the current Atlanta City Council, and is available as a public Google Spreadsheet: KV6s The Scorecard is particularly relevant this 2017 Municipal Election season, as three Councilmembers are running for Mayor of Atlanta, and another three are running for Council President.“The needs of our clients remain regardless of those ups and downs, and that’s who we, along with the new executive director, are here to serve.” GLSP’s vision is of a world in which families are safe and secure, all people have enough to eat and a roof overhead, children attend good schools, health care is available when needed, people with disabilities are able to do everything they are able to do, and people of all languages and cultures feel at home with each other.GLSP is Georgia’s largest nonprofit law firm providing free legal assistance throughout the 154 counties outside the metro Atlanta region.Council President candidate Alex Wan (District 6) has a score of 47.1.His score, which at one point was the lowest on the scorecard, has recently improved.

I can’t think of a more just and worthy cause.” As Executive Director, the successful candidate will serve as the public face of GLSP and its clients, funders, community organizations, bar leaders, private donors, and business and civic communities; grow and diversify resources to support GLSP’s work; and move GLSP forward into the future with technology and service to clients, among other tasks.But I'm not here to judge you or bring you down.If you want to rise I will give you the tools to look down on the sun.Because I will not force a flower to grow only offer the warmth a light can give.A man will build and create an unbreakable foundation.

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