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There are other cool things you can do with a rooted Android, too.How much attention do you pay to Android app permissions?Angry Birds requests these to target ads, but this trains users to agree to permissions requests and makes permissions seem less serious, with problematic permissions blending in.Android can automatically update your apps, saving you time.For many users, permissions have unfortunately become like a EULA – something to quickly tap through when installing apps.This isn’t helped by the way permissions are presented, placing everything from accessing the Internet to sending premium-rate SMS messages in the same list. Even installing Angry Birds requires allowing access to your device’s ID and location.To make this faster, install an app like a Spot Cat.a Spot Cat scans your installed apps and categorizes them by the permissions they require. Mobile Security, a well-reviewed Android antivirus app, also includes its own permissions scanner, named the Privacy Advisor.

Often, people that install malicious apps could have noticed the problem by staying vigilant over Android app permissions.Path was recently in the hot seat for secretly uploading contacts data from Android and i OS devices.Android users had some warning that Path could do this by virtue of its permissions, while i OS users had no idea.Do you ignore them, or do you hunt for apps requiring the least permissions? Note: Realm does not support Java outside of Android.

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