Vb net updating database

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Probably everyone in the world but me knows how Visual Studio handles database files during testing in a GUI-based project. NET projects, I didn't clue into this behavior until recently.

But even if you do know about this "feature," you may not be aware of how you can improve on Visual Studio's default behavior.

To check the results of your test runs, you'll need to add a connection in Server Explorer to the version of the database in your bin/Debug folder.

Just turn on Show All Files at the top of Solution Explorer, drill down through the bin and Debug folders, and double-click on the database file to add it to Server Explorer.

(In all fairness, you get back much of your time when data binding!The default setting for the property is "Copy Always." The setting you probably want is "Copy If Newer".This will copy the database from the project root only if you make some change to the database and build your project.In following example first we will make a dataset object from Sql Server table and after that we will add a new record and edit an existing record and then update the database according to updated dataset object.Suppose we have a sql server table named ‘tbl_employee.

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