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If our food chain is not really healthy and we are eating chemically laden produce that is low in goodness then our health is in trouble.

Our body is storing up poisons that it cant clear out which leads to the major health issues we see today, cancers, heart and mental function problems.

Just 30 mils a day of the pure juice can make the world of difference to your well being.

A question that I have been asked is the wheat juice gluten free?

Lack of room can be a problem yet with the smallest amount of space you can grow some really great health beneficial plants.Here is what was said: Do you consider yourself to be sensitive to gluten?Your problem with wheat, it turns out, may not be a problem with gluten at all. Most people don't realize it, but even though wheat is not yet commercially grown as a genetically engineered crop, farmers saturate wheat crops with very high doses of glyphosate right before harvest, speeding the drying of the wheat stalks and accelerating harvest duration.They are supplied for you to make your own personal judgements on their validity.Wally Richards If you have ideas that will also help other gardeners in their endeavors, please relay them to the writer.

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