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Citi Thank You Points (TYP) is the rewards system of Citi credit cards.

Citi Thank You Points, although less popular than Chase Ultimate Rewards, is still very useful and promising.

Second, you may be required to pay taxes for these bonus points.

Citi used to treat the bonus as business income and sent their customers 1099-MISCforms.

Although it seems Citi stops doing so in the past two years, it is always better to play safe for those without green cards. Citibank.com/ (promotional code 4YQY4RMDTT)Card spending is always a reliable source of Thank You Points. Entertainment includes movie theaters and amusement parks.

Typically, you’ll be offered some options, and you can choose your favorite.

In addition, you can even try your other cards and see if there are more offers for you. Remember that the Retentions Department works during bank opening hours (EST) rather than 24/7.

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