Who is gma robin roberts dating

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Today, wearing a hot-pink sweat jacket emblazoned with the word "Blessed" across the front, Roberts is both grateful and optimistic.When I ask mid-interview, as her tears continue to flow, if she's doing OK, she answers with a smile: "Doing great.She put her swab in the test tube and looked at me like, "It's done." I knew at the time that it's only a 3 out of 10 chance that a family member will be a match. It's a gift to have siblings who each have a role and accept our role.

On the air, I broke down and cried when Charlie Gibson asked about my family. He graduated from Rutgers with a major in English but then got into finance. " And I'm not feeling so good about myself because I'd just completed chemotherapy [for breast cancer] and was about to begin radiation. Shortly after, she had a stroke, and she died in late 2012. She shined that day, with friends and relatives for a good old-fashioned tea in an old antebellum home in the Pass [Pass Christian, Miss.]. Yes, for the president of the United States of America to change his stance on marriage equality, that was huge.In 2005, she was named coanchor of Good Morning America, where her popularity soared when she openly wept on the air while covering the devastation of her hometown by Hurricane Katrina.In 2012, she landed a historic interview with President Barack Obama, during which he announced his support of same-sex marriage; Roberts herself came out as gay in a late-2013 social media tribute to her longtime partner, Amber Laign, 40, a licensed massage therapist.So it was a way to educate people, to honor my father and the fellow airmen. If this broadcasting thing didn't work out, I wanted to be a pilot. I said the entire time that I was in sports, especially at ESPN: I never worked a day in my life.I mean, look at the joy, and people were even saying that when they saw me.

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